‘The DUMBANGER Lectures’ - Xavier Coronel

September 2023 (Lima)


‘The Girlfriend Experience’ - Vanesa Karin

August 2023 (Lima)


Una conversación entre el artista Ignacio Alvaro y los curadores Jerson Ramírez y Jules Bay. 


‘Antes de que se acabe el café amarillo’ - Fabiola Gonzáles

April 2023 (Lima)


Art Brussels 2023

Ginsberg will participate from April 20 to 23, 2023 in the 39th edition of Art Brussels to be held in Halls 5 and 6 of Brussels Expo, the Art Deco icon built for the Brussels International Exhibition of 1935.


‘Hacer toser mi alma’ - Antonio Paucar

January 2023 (Lima)


Wynnie Mynerva’s first institutional exhibition at the United States, to take place in New York’s NEW MUSEUM.

Mynerva’s commissioned installation for the lobby gallery will assert radical mythologies capable of inspiring gender exploration and sexual exploration.


‘Las Predicciones’ - book by Cristina Flores Pescorán

On January 21 at ICPNA TALKS, the book by CRISTINA FLORES PESCORÁN, “LAS PREDICCIONES”, will be presented. The presentation will feature Natalia Iguíñiz, Carlos Zevallos Trigoso, Sandra Rodríguez and Miguel A. López.

“LAS PREDICCIONES” gathers work by Cristina Flores Pescorán, made between 2020 and 2022, which explore different ways of healing the body. Through drawings, textile sculptures and videos, the artist investigates the relationship with illness to propose forms of regeneration that cross the spiritual and the sensual in dialogue with nature. In her works, healing appears not as an individual act but as a collective project.


‘Color Folds’ - Rudi Ninov

October 2022 (Madrid)



September 2022

Thrilled to announce Ginsberg will be opening a Viewing Room in Madrid this September.

The space which will host small exhibitions and projects will be open to visitors by appointment only.


Maria Abaddon & Wynnie Mynerva, curated by Miguel A. López at Proyecto AMIL

September 2022


‘And suddenly there was no more shore - part I’

Wynnie Mynerva will be part of ' And suddenly there was no more shore - part I', a group exhibition curated by Gala Berger and Miguel A. Lopez at Il Posto Chile. The exhibition opens on June 16, 2022.

               ART FAIR

NADA Curated 2022

We are happy to announce Ali Salazar will be part of Reset, the first edition of NADA Curated, a new series of online exhibitions highlighting artists and galleries from NADA’s international community through curated thematic presentations.
For RESET, curator Maria Elena Ortiz prompted the artist to do precisely that: reset.

“Artists were asked to stop, pause, and reconsider everything that has happened in the last two years. Reset presents 19 international artists who express personal narratives, fantasies, new technologies, and unjust realities. The exhibition includes a variety of media including video, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and installation. Proclaiming alternative ways of being and pointing to systems of oppression, Reset considers the intersections of an unexpected phenomenon with our political lives.  

In Reset, the works address the absurd, surreal imagery, color, nature, and violence to challenge the ideologies that sustain subjugation. In their paintings, Ali Salazar depicts ideas of memory, nonsense, and child’s play with colorful brushstrokes. (…)”

Text by: Maria Elena Ortiz



GINSBERG is pleased to announce our participation in the eight edition of NADA New York with a project by Alonso Leon-Velarde. The fair will take place from May 5–8, 2022 at Pier 36.


EXPO Chicago

Our participation in the EXPSOURE section will take place from April 7th - 10th


ARCO Madrid 2022

Ginsberg is pleased to announce our participation in the Opening section of ARCO Madrid with a solo show by Wynnie Mynerva


Machete al Machote


Closing to Open


Paris Internationale

Ginsberg is pleased to announce our participation of the 7th edition of Paris Internationale 2021 exhibiting the works of the Peruvian artist Silvana Pestana. This edition will take place from October 20th to 24th in the center of Paris.


Frieze London 

Ginsberg is pleased to announce our first time participation in Frieze London!

The fair will take place from October 13th to 17th. The Gallery would be part of the Focus Section, presenting a solo exhibition by Peruvian artist Shirley Villavicencio Pizango.


SP-Foto Viewing Room

Ginsberg is thrilled to announce that we will be part of the SP-Foto Viewing Room. The fair will take place from November 23rd to 29th. The gallery will be showcasing works by Majo Guerrero Fonseca (Nicaragua), Nicolas Franco (Chile) and Antonio Paucar (Peru - Germany)


Time Goes By

An exhibition by Rebecca Horn and Antonio Paucar at IFA Gallery Berlin this September 9.

In order to cope with the current circumstances and keep promoting international artistic and cultural exchange during the global pandemic, ifa will exhibit works from its collection in a contemporary context.

Time Goes presents that in the current climate, the unsettling yet touching works of Rebecca Horn take on a new significance. Her films, performances and sculptures open up a space between the poles of life and death, past and future, interior and exterior, human and machine. Horn not only influenced a subsequent generation of artists; she actively sought a dialogue with them.

The exhibition presents such a dialogue with her master class student Antonio Paucar, an artist who lives between Berlin and Huancayo (Peru). In his performances, Paucar moves through private, public and political spaces and landscapes that are both culturally and symbolically laden. He waits for change, senses transience, the power of the unconscious, sows memories so as not to forget. In poetry they find a shared language of proximity, both transcending bodies and boundaries. Therein lies their vulnerability—and their strength.

Source  IFA


‘Paisajes de la Destrucción’ - María Abaddon

July 2023 (Lima)


‘Rituales Paralelos’ - Ignacio Alvaro

June 2023 (Lima)


Pinta PArC 2023


‘Rizoma’ - Silvana Pestana

February 2023 (Madrid)


NADA New York 2023

Ginsberg will participate alongside artist Ali Salazar in the Projects section of the 9th edition of NADA New York to be held at 548 West from May 18-21, 2023.


Hacer toser mi alma una conversación entre Antonio Paucar y Miguel A. López


‘Tinkuy’ - Sandra Val

January 2023 (Madrid)



Daniel de la Barra will begin his residency in January 2023 at Delfina Foundation (London), as a recipient of the Artus Conexion Global


ARCOmadrid 2023

Ginsberg is pleased to announce that we will be participating in the 42nd edition of ARCO Madrid with artists Xavier Coronel and María Abaddon in the Opening by Allianz section, curated by Julia Morandeida and Yina Jimenez.


‘Rizoma’ - Silvana Pestana

November 2022 (Lima)

“Cuestión de amor y de odio, no de juicio. En el amor hay composición de un cuerpo con otro, hay devenir. El devenir es algo que sucede entre dos cosas que se encuentran, y eso que sucede no es del orden del reconocimiento ni del juicio, sino de la captura o el robo. A partir de lo que se es, del propio territorio se extraen partículas en contacto con lo que se deviene: el devenir es un proceso de deseo. En nuestros amores tenemos que ser como la orquídea y la avispa, nos dice Deleuze. La orquídea se ha dejado contagiar por la avispa, adoptando sus colores y sus formas, ha devenido avispa, no porque la orquídea quiere ser como la avispa, sino porque ha incorporado el movimiento de la avispa al suyo propio, de manera que ese devenir constituya el modo de atraer a la avispa, de formar una composición orquídea-avispa. A su vez la avispa se siente capturada por la orquídea, deviene orquídea, no porque la imita, sino porque se deja atrapar en su movimiento.” (Deleuze & Guattari)


Frieze London 2022

Ginsberg is pleased to announce participation in Frieze London!

The fair will take place from October 12th to 16th. The Gallery would be part of the Focus Section, presenting a solo exhibition by Peruvian artist Daniel de la Barra.


‘DUMBANGER’ - Xavier Coronel, curated by Felipe Paredes

September 2022 (Madrid)


‘Unworthy of Being Human’ - Ali Salazar, curated by Matheus Calderón

August 2022

Ali Salazar is a multidisciplinary artist, their artistic pratice revolves around a habitat of identities, personal experiences that constitute a remembrance of memory. Salazar seeks to encourage dialogues and constructions from the TRANS and Child subjectivity, by approaching at productions of violence and the grotesque from the oniric. They addresses painting with an innocent and childlike gaze, involving the oniric.


Solo Show Vanessa Karin

June 2022


Hvbo vn lvgar donde los árboles lloran

Daniel de la Barra’s practice explores the reconstruction of narratives within the hierarchical imposition of powers of domination, highlighting the power structures and extractivist valorization of which nature is a useful object. This project explores the transition and construction of the narrative towards the instrumented landscape from romantic painting to remote sensing satellite images and new digital models of vigilance.

The show will be open on May 6th, visit the exhibition from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00h to 19:00h


Antonio Paucar


Script for a landscape

Ginsberg is pleased to announce Allison Valladolid’s first solo show at the gallery.

For her first solo show in Lima Valladolid wanted to expand her ongoing project "Script for a landscape", she has created a landscape made up of drawings and paintings inspired by the late-night competition shows of the nineties. Valladolid addresses the contrast of two worlds, the stage as a construction, a space that can be designed with total freedom, the artificiality of late-night competition shows and seeing television as a place where fiction has no limits when it comes to script, shape or figure.

Valladolid makes an analysis of the geometric, modern and luminous aesthetics there is an absence of the natural and organic. She addresses the contrast of two worlds, the stage as a construction, a space that can be designed with total freedom, the artificiality of late-night competition shows and seeing television as a place where fiction has no limits when it comes to script, shape or figure, it was a portal that allowed me to fantasize about unknown worlds.

She concedes her desires to create a scenario where she can create a pilot program where the setting and that little inner world is inspired by the natural, a place where the modern includes the organic. Using the technique of found footage, she’s created a private collection with extract of videos of the talk shows of the decade and images to intervene. Perhaps the purpose of this new design or aesthetic reconfiguration is due to an attempt to cling to the existence of natural elements or to deny the idea of imagining a world, however superficial and fictional, without natural elements.


Pneumo -conduction

Ginsberg present an exhibition of new works by Genietta Varsi titled “Pneumo - Conduction”. Taken from an ongoing multi-media project, in collaboration with stage artists and an audiovisual production team. Varsi presents the process and result combining,  drawing,  sculpture, choreography, music and video. It is a visceral, celestial and earthly universe of aerial actions that investigate the phenomena of the air outside and inside the body; thinking them, unthinking them, making them, unmaking them and mixing them.


Esplendor y caída

Ginsberg is pleased to present ‘Esplendor y Caída’, an exhibition of weaving and engraving installations by José Luis Martinat. This is his first solo exhibition at the gallery.


Buenos Aires Photo

Photograph of artwork hung on wall. Collage of two vertical photographs. One of a still life, another of a woman sitting. Red letters on top reading: Rore Vapor Tear

Ginsberg will be part of the Buenos Aires Photo, online edition. The fair will take place from September 1st to 15th. The gallery will be part of the Main Section, presenting work by Lotte Andersen (U.K.), Nicolas Franco (Chile) and Antonio Paucar (Peru - Germany).


SP-Arte Viewing Room

Ginsberg is thrilled to announce that we will be part of the SP-Arte Viewing Room. This special online edition of the fair will take place between the 24-30th of August. The gallery will be showcasing work by Peruvian artists Wynnie Mynerva and Pablo Ravina.