Lima, Peru, 1995
Lives and works
in Lima, Peru

Johanna - Flora Silvestre (2022)
Three layers include: linen, silk, magnets, cardboard, cotton cloth and mix media on paper
3cm x 270 cm x 70 cm
Work made from shadows of Johanna, pre school teacher whose vocation helps children build their self esteem. Inspired by "e Rope Dancer accompanies herself with there shadow by Man Ray.
Documentation by : Alianza Francesa de Lima

Resting Between Blades.
A love story. (2020)
Wood , shirts , mirror

I make use of scissors as a personal symbol. Scissors have the capacity to cut, but what if we imagine the space created in-between the action, the space between the blades? What if that space could bear us for a moment in the present, like a nest, like a refuge. I create sculptures in a collage manner, combining objects I make with objects I find. "e shape of the scissor resembles both male and female genitals, they are neither nor. It is the bearer of life’s multiplicity and complexion.

María Ángela (2023)
Acrylic on canvas
114 x 88 cm

Going Home (2020)
Installation made out of glass, wood , wax and textile
Turtles carrying candles on their backs. Every material used for this installation is fragile, analogue to the deterioration of matter as a fixed form. Reflecting on the body as a container.

Bandada (2024)
Acrlic on canvas
92 x 127 cm

Ariela y Ana Lucía(2023)
Acrylics on Canvas
110 x 160 cm

Yiyi (2022)
Mix media on paper

Paisaje cuchillo (2022)
Oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm

Self Portrait (2003)
Acrylics on canvas
110 x 160 cm